Patio Covers Austin

For many Austin homeowners, patio covers are an essential addition. They help protect their patios and decks from deck from sun damage and weather exposure, and they add design and panache to their outdoor living space. 

There’s a lot you need to know about patio covers if you’re going to add one, and in this blog post we’ll cover the essentials. That includes a definition of patio covers Austin, the benefits they provide, how they’re made, the basic costs and so on. 

What is a Patio Cover?

Patio covers can be defined as a shade structure that is attached to your home. Usually they’re attached to extend the patio to the back yard, but the fact is that a patio cover can be added anywhere to enhance the home space.

Typically, they’re supported by a pair of columns or posts to support the cover and extend the protection, and they can also be open or solid, depending on the season and the level of protection you’re after.  

Patio Cover Benefits for Outdoor Living and Decks

  • Cooling. In a city like Austin where the summer heat can be blistering, patio covers provide essential sun protection for many homeowners. 

    They can prevent sun damage to decks as well, and if they patio cover is well built it can offer protection from debris during light storms and when the wind kicks up. 

  • Accessibility. Many homeowners buy homes that have attractive patio areas, only to find they can’t use them because the seller didn’t include a patio cover. 

    In situations like this, adding a patio cover can be a game changer. They make the living space more accessible, and homeowners can start to add design elements to enhance their outdoor living space. 

  • Design benefits. For homeowners who want to get the most out of their outdoor living space, patio covers make other design enhancements possible. These include outdoor kitchens outdoor fireplaces and other unusual lifestyle additions. 

    Patio covers can also be used to control the lighting in your outdoor living space. They prevent harsh sunlight from ruining a day out on the patio, and if they’re made with a lattice pattern they can help you use light in unusual ways. 

What Patio Covers Add to Your Austin Home

For many homeowners, patio covers add considerable value to their Austin home. They may not have curb appeal per se if they’re located in the backyard, but buyers who see a well designed patio area with an attractive patio cover will be more likely to buy, and at a higher price, too.


  • Wooden patio covers. Wood adds elegance to a patio cover, and it’s available in any number of natural colors. It can blend in with the design of many homes, but it does require maintenance, treatment for weather resistance, etc.

  • Aluminium. Aluminum is a solid choice for a patio cover, especially for those on a budget. It’s flexible, durable and lightweight, a combination that makes it easy to install and maintain. There are plenty of design finishes, and it can be finished in any number of ways as well. 

  • Acrylic patio covers. Acrylic covers are also versatile—they can be used as car ports, too— and they stand up well to tough weather conditions. They’re easy to maintain and clean, but if they’re polished, painted or finished, they may discolor under the bright Austin sun. 

Patio Cover Style Choices

  • Solid patio covers. Solid covers are a great choice as protection for rain or hail, and they can also provide a certain amount of wind protection. 

  • Lattice covers are basically partial covers, but they make up for whatever coverage they lack in the design choices they offer. They can be blended with different kinds of architecture, and you can mix them with solid covers if you a lot of patio or an extensive backyard area to cover. 

  • Pergola patio covers. Pergolas extend from the supporting walls or covers in the area in which they’re place, and the beams can either be wooden or metallic. They can add intimacy to an outdoor space while providing shade, or they can be used in a more traditional way to provide basic coverage. 

How to Shop for Your Austin Patio Cover

The shopping process for a patio covers is fairly basic, but there are some things that are essential to cover. 

  • Space. The first thing you need to do is get an accurate idea of the patio space you need to cover. Is the shape unusual, or traditional? Do you want to cover it all in one style, or do you want to blend different patio style covers if you have a large area to cover? 

  • Budget. One of the best things about patio covers is that the cost range is tremendous, which is great whether you’re just looking for something basic or you want elegant patio covers that will add a design element to your home. 

  • Price. The average square footage cost for a patio is around $35 per square foot, but again, there’s a lot of variety in this number. 

You can get a basic patio cover for a small area for as little as $2-3K, or you can spend a lot more if you’re looking to cover a larger area and get features and use high-end material. 

Get the Best Patio Cover for Your Austin Home

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