Sun Room Price Austin

For many Austin homeowners, adding a sunroom represents the ultimate luxury purchase when it comes to home additions. They make it easier to enjoy your outdoor space, plus they help keep you cool and they add value to your home.

Still, they’re a big investment, and the price of a sunroom home addition cost stops many Austin homeowners from even considering them. 

Which is a shame, because the price of a sunroom isn’t cut and dried. There are a lot of ways to mitigate the costs, and in many instances the value you add to your home when you add a sunroom makes an Austin Texas sunroom more than worthwhile. 

This blog post explores some of the most common issues that come into play with the cost of a sunroom, and we’ll answer some of the most basic questions and dispel several of the most common myths. 

What Sunroom Kits Cost: Basic Price Factors

Many people don’t even realize that sunroom kits exist, but for many homeowners they can be a financial lifesaver, especially if you’re on a tight budget when you go to add an Austin tx sunroom. 

Sunroom kits are basically prefabricated sunrooms. They come disassembled, so you’ll definitely want to pay for a professional installation, although some experienced DIY types take on this kind of build themselves. 

  • Sunroom kit pricing. The cost advantages of a sunroom can be considerable. The materials cost far less than those of a custom build, and you can actually get a sunroom kit for as little as $5,000. 

Another price option is to consider sunroom kits that are made especially for DIY buyers. You’ll need to be accomplished at these kinds of projects to take this on, but it’s hard to match the pride that will come with building your own finished sunroom. 

What Does a Sunroom Foundation Cost?

For the most part, sunrooms require a separate foundation. In some instances, though, lightweight prefab kits can actually be assembled and added to patio slabs, or even your deck. 

The good news is that adding a sunroom foundation is simple. It involves laying down a concrete slab, which can be done by any professional contractor, although you should definitely find one with sunroom experience. 

The cost to lay the concrete will start at about $1,000. The cost goes up from there based on how big you need the slab to be, along with the thickness and the amount of area you need covered

What Do Sunroom Windows Cost?

If you’re adding an Austin sunroom, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is how much you want to pay for your windows. 

There’s a lot to consider. Thick insulated glass is more expensive, but it’s absolutely essential if you’re adding a four-season sunroom. Expect the costs for sunroom windows to start at $2-3K. 

If you’re going to be using your sunroom a lot as part of your outdoor lifestyle, this isn’t an area where you want to skimp. 

Quality sunroom windows may cost more, but they’ll also save you money on your Austin tx sunroom if you’re going to be using it a lot. 

Make sure you do a complete evaluation of your energy costs, as quality windows may save you a lot more than you think they will. 

The Average Price of an Austin Sunroom

To compute the cost of your Austin Texas sunroom, it’s important to realize that there are four options:

  • Three-season sunroom. If year-round usage isn’t important to you, you can get your sunroom materials for as little as $5,000, and you can expect to pay the same amount for the installation. 
  • Four-season sunroom. For this option, expect to pay a minimum of $15,000 for the sunroom materials and another $10,000 for the installation. 
  • Solarium. If you want your sunroom made completely from glass, you’ll pay more for the materials, starting at $20,000. The installation costs are the same as those for a four-season sunroom, however. 
  • Conservatory. If the idea of a roof extension made of tile or slate appeals to you as a sunroom possibility, this is one of the cheapest options. The cost of materials starts at $3,000, while the materials will run you a minimum of $2,000. There are many add-ons and features with this kind of sunroom, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Using Home Addition Contractors for Your Sunroom 

For many people, adding a sunroom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it’s important to nail the contractor decision. Get plenty of referrals, and let us help you as well. 

It’s essential to focus on quality, service and the customer experience, even though it’s normal to pay exclusive attention to the bottom line. 

Make sure your contractor has his or her ducks in a row when it comes to permits, licensing and insurance. As a backup, you should check your homeowner’s insurance to see what’s covered and what’s not when you get the installation done. 

Finally, make sure you check the warranty. Look for 100 percent coverage on the materials if you can get it, and make sure the labor is covered as well. 

Get accurate estimates and get them in writing, and make sure you’re comfortable with your interactions with the contractor. 

Sunroom Addition Cost vs the Added Value of a Sunroom

Experts estimate that the average return on investment (ROI) is about 60 percent when it comes to adding a sunroom, but be aware that there’s plenty of wiggle room in that number. 

If you add the right features and materials, that number can easily climb to 80 percent. There’s also a hidden value in the curb appeal of a great sunroom, as it can make it easier to sell your home quickly, and sometimes a great sunroom can drive up the price of your home to the point where those estimates become meaningless. 

Make sure you run the square footage numbers, though, and take into account every aspect of your local market. 

Get the Best Sunrooms in the Austin Area 

At Nu-View, we’ve been selling sun rooms for a long time, so we have the experience to work within your budget and help you get the right product to meet your needs. 

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