Vinyl Patio Enclosures Near Me

For Austin homeowners on a budget, adding a vinyl patio enclosure is one of the best ways to get the most from your outdoor patio space. They’re economical, efficient and surprisingly attractive, plus they’re easy to install if you buy them from the right company. 

At Nu-View, we’ve been selling these products for years, so let’s take a look at what’s involved, some of the benefits and the things you’ll need to know to figure out if they’re right for you.

Adding a Patio Enclosure: Vinyl vs Screen

Both screens and vinyl enclosures will add some of the same benefits. They’ll both keep out bugs and debris, and they’ll block out harmful UV rays as well. 

You get solar heat gain from both of them, and they create an intimate home space that still gives you the feel of being out doors. 

They’ll also resist mold and mildew, and each offers the added value of being a basic design improvement.

Unique Benefits of Vinyl Enclosures

But vinyl does offer certain unique benefits that screens can’t match. Vinyl provides an extra layer of temperature protection, and you can even use them to control the air flow that comes into your house. 

How? Quality vinyl systems have vents you can slide horizontally or vertically, which means you determine the direction of the airflow based on your needs. 

You can open them partially if you prefer less air flow on a given day, and of course you can close them entirely if that gives you the desired level of comfort. 

You can also manipulate the panels to add to this effect. If you have three or four vertical panels, for instance, you can raise three of them and leave the fourth closed if it’s next to an area you want less ventilated. 

When it comes to cleaning, there’s no doubt that vinyl is much easier to clean than screens. Just remove the panel, clean both sides, pop it back in place, and you’re done. 

While there are some attractive ways to design a screened in porch, vinyl offers far more choices. Depending on where you shop—and you can always start online, of course—you can find dozens of attractive color schemes, and you can mix and match according to the color of your home and the architecture style. 

These color schemes have become more vibrant and durable, too. One of the raps on vinyl is that the colors tended to fade quickly once they were exposed to bad weather, but that’s much less true with today’s modern vinyl.

Outdoor Patio Enclosures Made of Vinyl: Cost Factors Versus Adding a Sunroom

On average, it costs about $3 per square foot to add vinyl windows or enclosures, provided you already have a structure in place. Re-screening is even cheaper at $1 per square foot, but both options are far cheaper than options like adding sunscreens. 

Any cost analysis should also factor in the lack of maintenance costs with vinyl. Basic cleaning is all that’s required—no staining, painting or other cumbersome maintenance procedures.

Vinyl Enclosures for Your Porch: Build Custom Outdoor Patio Enclosures Using Vinyl 

Vinyl offers a number of attractive options when it comes to adding design features. It’s easy to add ceiling fans or lighting to make your vinyl enclosure more attractive, and you can use additions like this with any other features you’re adding to your outdoor patio space. 

Moreover, whatever you add will stand the test of time. Vinyl doesn’t rust, and it won’t warp or rot, either. Unlike wood, it doesn’t attract pests, so you won’t have to deal with insect issues, either. 

Using Outdoor Patio Curtains as Part of Your Patio Design

While the idea of using vinyl as a material for curtains might seem odd, vinyl is actually ideal for outdoor patio enclosures. 

It gives you better temperature control, and vinyl is also better than most screens when it comes to keeping out wind and rain. It will even handle hail and snow when these elements make a rare appearance in Austin. 

They repel bugs and pests, which means you’ll use your outdoor patio space much more often, and enjoy it more along the way. 

Restaurant Patio Sunscreens

Want further evidence that patio sunscreens and enclosures are a great idea? Think of your favorite restaurant that has an attractive outdoor dining space. 

Chances are they use sunscreens and enclosures as part of the decor, and you can get the same kind of attractive addition to your dining experience.

Add Value to Your Home with Vinyl Enclosures

Studies have shown that adding a porch enclosure can increase the value of your home by as much as 4-6 percent. 

That’s an especially attractive number when you consider the nominal cost of vinyl, not to mention how relatively easy it is to have a vinyl enclosure installed. 

Some people even consider a vinyl enclosure a DIY project, but there’s no reason to do this, nor is it a good idea. 

There are so many attractive alternatives that are cheap and easy to add that the best course of action is to buy from a reputable company like Nu-View. 

How to Incorporate Outdoor Patio Sunscreens Into Your Outdoor Space  

Many of our customers want to add outdoor patio enclosures, outdoor patio curtains or outdoor patio screens to construct a custom outdoor patio, and there are plenty of good reasons they come to us. 

  • Quality materials. There are plenty of companies selling cheap vinyl patio enclosures, but we’re not one of them. We use only high-quality vinyl, and we offer excellent materials to back up that quality. 

  • Our experts can help guide you. Some customers come to us with a partial idea of what they want, but they need some help to get them all the way home, design-wise. 

    We have professionals who are experts when it comes to materials, look and feel and any other issues related to your needs, and we love to ask questions and add to whatever ideas you may have when you need that kind of help. 

  • Installation issues. Buying a quality vinyl enclosure is only half the battle—you still have to get it installed right. Our experts have had experience with every kind of home space imaginable, and they know what issues come into play with vinyl.

Find the Best Vinyl Patio Enclosures Near You

At Nu-View, we’ve been selling and installing vinyl patio enclosures for years, so we have the experience to work within your budget and help you get the right product to meet your needs. 

To get more information about these enclosures and our related products, you can call us at (512) 918-8904. You can also contact us at, and you can pose any questions you might have to our we even have a Friendly Phone Lady. 

You can see our products online at our website, but there’s nothing like stopping by our store in Austin to get a better sense of the look and feel You can also book a custom patio consult that will get you on the road to the perfect vinyl patio enclosure for your home.